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ISSUE #137(R.I.P. Norm McDonald, Spider-Man 2 Game, Hawkeye, & More)

On this issue of The Comic Section, we have "Comic Book John" filling in this week as our special guest host! We pay our condolences to comedy legend Norm McDonald. Disney+ wins 13 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Horror Icon Elvira is hosting a horror marathon on Shudder to celebrate her 40th anniversary! Christopher Nolan picks Universal Pictures for his next film. The Batman: Penguin spinoff series is in development for HBO Max. We talk about the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man deep fake video. And news of The New Warriors tv series being cancelled over it being "too gay". We preview trailers from the new Spider-Man 2 video game for the PS5. Also, the new God of War: Ragnarök. And we check out the trailer for the upcoming Hawkeye tv series! Jason gives his review of Marvel's What If episode 6 featuring Killmonger. And we talk about the upcoming events for the week! Tune in!

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