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ISSUE #141 (Captain Kirk Goes To Space, Superman Is Bisexual, & More)

On this issue of The Comic Section, Little Xio returns! We check with them about their convention experience. We talk about William Shatner's trip to space! And we have a special guest call in with their reaction from someone Jason knows very well! We talk about the next Superman coming out as bisexual in DC's Comics! Netflix has ordered a sequel series to That '70s Show titled That '90s Show. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's James Gunn confirms Will Poulter's role as Adam Warlock. We preview trailers from Star Trek: Discovery season four, Marvel’s Hawkeye, Blumhouse's The Black Phone, & Scream 5! We review Squid Games, Blumhouse’s Bingo Hell, Blumhouse’s Black As Night, Netflix’s Midnight Mass, Netflix’s Sex Education Season Three, & Netflix’s On My Block Final and Fourth Season. Little Xio gives us the new comics for the week, and the upcoming events! Tune in!

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