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ISSUE #153 (R.I.P. Betty White, Michael Keaton's Batman & More)

On this issue of The Comic Section, we have a guest host this week! Rigel of Flash Photography Cosplay fills in for Xio this episode. We pay our condolences to acting icon, Betty White. Michael Keaton finally gives his reason as to why he didn't return to Batman Forever. There are rumors speculating that the new Flash film will introduce a new Justice League! Morbius gets delayed once again. Thor: Love and Thunder reveals new promo art. And we have confirmation that the new Dragonball Super movie will focus on two characters that are not Goku, or Vegeta! We preview trailers from Netflix's Crime Scene: The Tines Square Killer, and Archive 81. And lastly we review Matrix Resurrections, South Park: Post-Covid Special Parts 1 & 2, and Disney's Encanto. Tune in!

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