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ISSUE #174 (Star Wars Celebration/Drama. Super Nintendo World, & More

On this issue of The Comic Section, Little Xio is back joining Jason this week! We discussed the news out of Star Wars celebration. We talked about the drama going on with Obi-Wan Kenobi star Moses Ingram. Ewan McGregor speaks out against the racism Moses has been receiving from toxic Star Wars fans. Johnny Depp wins lawsuit against Amber Heard. The Harry Potter franchise may get reset due to low box office sales. Joe Quesada, Executive and Former Editor In Chief, leaves Marvel Comics. Super Nintendo World is getting set to open at Universal Studios: Hollywood. We preview trailers from Birdgirl season two, The Menu, & Gotham Knights. We reviewed Stranger Things Season Four Part One. Little Xio reviews Love, Death, & Robots Season Three. Little Xio also gives us the new comics for the week, and the upcoming events! Tune in!

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