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ISSUE #231 (The Flash Review)

In this week's episode of The Comic Section Podcast, there is a special guest, Reggie C, who is the producer and creator of The Sonic Embassy and the Pop Culture Icons Podcast. The main focus of the episode is an in-depth review of The Flash movie. Both Reggie C and Rigel share their contrasting opinions about the film, providing different perspectives on its quality.

One of the notable points discussed in the episode is how The Flash movie performed poorly at the box office. The hosts delve into the reasons behind its underwhelming performance and analyze the potential factors contributing to its failure.

Moving on to another topic, the podcast addresses a legal issue involving Amazon. The online retail giant is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly deceiving customers into signing up for Prime. The hosts discuss the details of the lawsuit and provide their insights on the matter.

The director of DC's upcoming film Blue Beetle confirms that the movie takes place in the DC Extended Universe (DCU). This revelation sparks a conversation about the interconnected nature of the DC films and how this impacts the overall cinematic universe.

Sony Studios makes an announcement that they are removing the Bad Bunny Spider-Man spinoff titled 'El Muerto' from their upcoming release calendar. The hosts discuss the reasons behind this decision and speculate on the future of the project.

Marvel Studios, on the other hand, reveals that they won't be participating in Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con this year. The hosts share their thoughts on this absence and the potential implications for Marvel's marketing and promotional strategies.

The podcast also includes previews of trailers for Kraven The Hunter and Netflix's adaptation of One Piece. The hosts provide their initial reactions and discuss their expectations for these upcoming projects.

Lastly, the hosts give their reviews for two movies, John Wick 4 and The Doom Generation. They share their opinions on these films and offer insights into their quality and entertainment value.

Listeners are encouraged to tune in to the episode to catch all these discussions and more.

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