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ISSUE #258 (TOP 3 OF 2023)

In this week's New Year's Issue of The Comic Section Podcast, the hosts bid farewell to 2023 by reflecting on the things they loved about the past year. The episode likely starts with a warm and nostalgic discussion about the highlights of 2023, spanning various categories such as shows, movies, audiobooks, news stories, and more.

The hosts share their personal Top 3 of 2023, offering insights into the pop culture gems and memorable moments that stood out to them. This segment is likely filled with lively discussions, anecdotes, and the shared enthusiasm of the hosts as they recount their favorites from the year gone by.

Jason provides a quick review of "The Boy and The Heron," sharing his thoughts on this particular piece of entertainment. Meanwhile, Rigel takes on the challenges of troubled waters to catch "Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom" and provides his review. The review segment likely offers a mix of opinions and perspectives on these two notable pieces of media.

As the episode unfolds, the hosts might touch on what they loved, what they didn't, and even engage in some light-hearted predictions for the coming year. The question of who might get "cancelled" in 2024 adds a playful and speculative element to the conversation.

Tune in to this New Year's episode of The Comic Section Podcast for a delightful mix of reflection, reviews, and the hosts' unique take on the pop culture landscape. It's a celebration of the highlights of 2023 and an entertaining look ahead to what 2024 might bring!

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