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ISSUE #259 (Mickey's Mouse Trap & More)

In this week's new issue of The Comic Section Podcast, the hosts cover a range of intriguing topics from the world of entertainment.

The episode begins with a discussion on Amazon Prime Video introducing ads unless users choose to pay to opt out. The hosts likely explore the implications of this move and discuss the evolving landscape of streaming services and their revenue models.

Next up is the news of the merger deal between Jason Blum's Blumhouse and James Wan's Atomic Monster. The hosts likely delve into the details of this merger, exploring its potential impact on the horror genre and the projects that may emerge from this collaboration.

A notable development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is discussed, as it's reported that Steven Yeun, known for his roles in "The Walking Dead" and "Invincible," has left Marvel's upcoming anti-hero team-up film, "Thunderbolts." The hosts likely speculate on the reasons behind this departure and its effects on the film.

The hosts touch on the changing landscape of retail as Best Buy begins removing DVDs and Blu-rays from its stores. This move reflects the ongoing shift toward digital media consumption, and the hosts likely discuss the implications for physical media in the current market.

A fun piece of news is the announcement that Jack Black is joining Jason Momoa in the 'Minecraft' movie. The hosts likely share their excitement about this casting and discuss the potential for an entertaining adaptation of the popular video game.

The episode continues with a trailer preview segment, featuring glimpses of "Mickey's Mouse Trap," "Mean Girls," and "Lift." The hosts likely provide their initial reactions and expectations for these upcoming projects.

The review segment of the show promises valuable insights from Jason and Rigel. Jason likely shares his thoughts on "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once," while Rigel provides reviews for "What If" Season 2 and the Doctor Who special introducing the new Doctor.

Tune in to this week's episode of The Comic Section Podcast for a comprehensive breakdown of these topics, entertaining discussions, and insightful reviews!

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