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ISSUE # 46 (New Batman Casting, Joker #1 R-Rated Movie, Pixar's Soul, Invisible Man, & More)

On this issue of The Comic Section, Jason & Xio talk Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell potential casting as Alfred and The Penguin in "The Batman". Stranger Things reveals the name of the first episode for Season 4. "Joker” has become the top R-rated movie of all time! Production for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier TV series is now underway! R-Rated Deadpool Movies and Family Guy confirmed to remain On Hulu and not go to Disney+. Kevin Feige says Marvel fans will need to watch Disney+ Series to understand future MCU movies. We preview new trailers for Bad Boys 4 Life, Disney/Pixar’s Soul, & The Invisible Man. Xio reviews Zombieland "Double Tap" & Jason reviews Apple TV+'s SEE. Xio gives us the new comics for the week. And the upcoming new events! Tune in now!

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