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ISSUE #53 (The Flash Meets The Flash, HBO's Watchmen, Morbias & More)

On this issue of The Comic Section, Jason & Xio talk about HBO's Watchmen not having a season two. The DCU's Flash meets The CW Flash during the Crisis On Infinite Earths television event! Indie comic Ex Machina is the next to get the silver screen treatment. A John Wick TV series is incoming focusing on The Continental Set For 2021! Star Trek is getting two more live action shows. We have news regarding a Green Lantern, and Aquaman shows coming to HBO Max! We preview trailers and special looks from Bloodshot, Black Widow, Stargirl, Penny Dreadful, Mulan, Morbias, & Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3. Xio reviews the tv series Dracula, Doom Patrol, and the live adaptation of Disney's Aladdin. Xio gives us the new comics for the week, and the upcoming events! Tune in now!

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