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The Live Gamers Podcast (Episode # 3)

On this episode of The Live Gamers Podcast, Mike and Jay talk about Steam’s Summer Sale is here. World of Warcraft Classic’s Ahn’Qiraj raid will be unlocked on July 28! Halo Infinite teaser suggests The Banished enemies. Torchlight 3 might have the most bizarre RPG class I’ve ever seen: The Railmaster! Here’s the first gameplay trailer of Rogue Legacy 2. Open-world Harry Potter game reportedly on track for 2021 release date. Universal delays opening of Super Nintendo World theme park. The Wii and Wii U are still getting games in 2020 shake down Hawaii. Baby Wario is back, and he’s a doctor now. New Pokémon game is a MOBA for Switch and mobile! Toothbrushing Is Fun When It’s to Rescue Pokémon! The next Dungeons & Dragons campaign comes in a $500 limited edition. Icewindale most expensive preorder bounds for games. You can have a free board game or two if you lost your job because of the pandemic. Twitch bans popular streamer Dr. Disrespect! Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and more tune in!

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